Details emerge on Gunman who attempted to end Bebe Cool’s life!


Over the weekend, Bebe Cool was involved in a tricky situation where a reckless driver knocked his car twice. Thinking this was just another one of those road fields, Bebe Cool was quick to confront his assailant, only to be faced with a gun to his midst. 

As Bebe Cool was quaking with fear to an extent that he nearly wet his pants, he was lucky that his security personel pulled rare tricks up in order to rescue him with his brain still intact and not dismantled by a bullet. With steaming anger, Bebe Cool and team found a way out of danger who was still with unidentified man by then. Ntinda Police intervened and got hold of the man but to the shock of many, other gunmen raided the police station in a bid to rescue and protect their colleague, something they managed to do successfully.

New details however have emerged about the gunman who nearly took Bebe Cool’s life and it turns out he is a soldier(very ironically). The assailant has been identified as Captain Namara, a UPDF soldier. This was revealed as the Deputy Spokesperson of Kampala Metropolitan, Luke Owoyesigire announced that the gun in question was confiscated by Police.

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Also appearing on NBS TV, Frank Gashumba noted that the soldier in question is fond of using the gun each time hes under the influence of alcohol. He pointed out a scenario when the same soldier shot someone whose family reached to Frank Gashumba for help but till now justice has never been served.



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