Leila Kayondo Hits It Hard In New Controversial Song ‘Singa Namanya’


A few days back, sensational songstress Leila Kayondo released a new song titled ‘Singa Namanya‘ .

IMG 20220621 WA0015

Loosely translated as “I Wish I knew“, this new project by Leila Kayondo has led the public, especially her fans to wonder if she sang it her based on her past and what she went through in the recent past.

Although Leila is not known to sing about her deep personal life, Singa Namanya however seems to have changed that narrative by taking it a top-notch higher by prompting her fans to relate it to her relationship with city tycoon SK Mbuga.

IMG 20220621 WA0021

In the song, she sings about someone she gave her body, heart and soul, however as time went, this lover of hers changed character. These are some of the lines that have led her fans to relate the song with her past relationship with Mbuga which we have sampled;

“I gave you my heart my body, my soul nga manyi nti its you & me, as time went on Wakyusa embeera! Kale singa namanya sandikwambadde …..”

The song comes in the wake of a recent past hot burning online attack and scandal in which Leila hurled insults and threats towards her ex-lover SK. Mbuga.

IMG 20220621 WA0022 1

Although there is no proof that the song is aimed at Mbuga, going by what is on ground, the song’s lyrics might make one think it actually is meant for him since he’s the only known ex lover of the songstress and it comes timely shortly after her recent rants about him!



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