MP Dr. Hilderman Puts Parliament On Pressure Over Delayed Copyright Amendment Bill


Mawokota North Member of Parliament, Hon. Hillary Kiyaga, popularly known as Dr. Hilderman, voiced his concerns on the floor of the parliament as he questioned Deputy Speaker Hon. Thomas Tayebwa about the prolonged delay in passing the copyright amendment bill.

Dr. Hilderman, also the shadow minister for Arts and Culture, shared that in June 2022, he was granted leave to conduct consultations on the copyright amendment. At that time, he was assured that the bill would be passed within six months (by December 2022). However, a year later, the private bill has yet to be approved, causing distress among creatives in the arts industry.

The parliamentarian highlighted the detrimental impact of telecommunications companies on the arts sector, emphasizing how they are operating to the detriment of content creators. He pointed out the urgency of addressing this issue.

In response to Dr. Hilderman’s concerns, Deputy Speaker Hon. Thomas Tayebwa pledged to expedite the amendment process of the copyright bill. He commended Dr. Hilderman for his collaboration with the government on the bill, acknowledging the importance of ensuring that artists benefit from the proposed amendments.



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