Mariam Kugonza gears up to drop moving “Okuma Gwakyi” Visuals.


Soon and very soon, Twinkle Stars Management singer Mariam Kugonza will be accompanying her trending single “Okuma Gwakyi” with the release of highly anticipated blistering visuals.

The video that will be shared soon projects kinetic never-seen-before artistry that fans will have to watch repeativitly to figure out how the video director came up with the visuals. 

Fans should anticpate witnessing artifical rainfall that was created with the help of a firebrigade and an inside pool where Mariam Kugonza flaunted her sexy and hot glaring body flashing some skin. 

An action oriented picture of Mariam with one of her dancers in the in built mini pool.

The visuals were directored by Zyga Phix and will be dropping towards the end of the week.

HNQ 4139
Left – Video director Zyga in the middle with white T-shirt , blue jeans shooting extras at a set that had artificial rain in it.


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