Maama Fiina Slams Gravity Omutujju Over Bobi Wine.


Maama Fiina Slams Gravity Omutujju Over Bobi Wine

Popular Ugandan traditional healer Maama Fiina has slammed local rapper Gravity Omutujju over asking Bobi Wine to donate land for the construction of a hospital.

During her recent TV interview on Sanyuka TV, Maama Fiina trolled Gravity Omutujju when she stressed that the “Kwepicha” singer is being disturbed by adolescence aga and pressure pressure following his asking of Bobi Wine to donate land.

Maama Fiina then asked Bobi Wine not to give in his land for the construction of the hospital.

She went ahead and explained that Bobi Wine acquired the land before joining politics, and it was all because of his hard work.

She added that Gravity should donate the land instead if indeed he cares.


“Bobi Wine should not give in his land. He acquired it a long time ago even before joining politics. Whoever wants to build a hospital should donate the land; I think Gravity is disturbed by peer pressure,” she partly said in an interview with Sanyuka Television.

Maama Fiina was responding to Gravity Omutujju’s call, which demanded that Bobi Wine donate part of his Busabaala land so they could construct a hospital there.

Before Maama Fiina shared her opinion about Gravity’s claims, the latter had also put in his contribution of two bags of cement and a trip of sand.



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