Lydia Jazmine Praises Bushingtone For Her Music Success.


Renowned songstress Lydia Jazmine recently expressed gratitude towards her former manager, Bushingtone, acknowledging his pivotal role in shaping her music career.

In a televised interview, Jazmine praised Bushingtone’s exceptional managerial skills, attributing her success to his instrumental contribution.

“He was an exceptional manager, and I am deeply thankful to him,” Jazmine remarked during the interview. She further recognized Bushingtone’s efforts in securing significant opportunities for her, including her appearance on Coke Studio, a renowned global music platform.

Jazmine’s appreciation for Bushingtone comes amidst her remarkable achievements in the music industry.

This year marked a significant milestone as she successfully hosted her debut concert at Hotel Africana, garnering unprecedented acclaim and solidifying her standing in the music scene.

The singer’s acknowledgment of Bushingtone underscores the critical role of effective management and guidance in an artist’s career development.

With her talent and the support of individuals like Bushingtone, Jazmine continues to thrive in the music industry, captivating audiences with her melodious voice and distinctive style.



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