Lydia Jazmine on why her Fans should Keep in their lane & Away from Hers!


Songstress, Lydia Jazmine, has come out to warn her fans and social media followers to stay in their lane. This is after several complaints from her fan base about her numerous semi-nude photos.

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According to these fans, they need more of music than sexualized photos. And running through the Masukka singer’s social media pages, there is no doubt about her fans complaints. There are tons and tons of numerous semi-nude, erotic and sexualized photos by Lydia Jazmine. However, the singer doesn’t want to know any of this.

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In an interview, Jazmine said that she will continue taking and posting these pictures. Whoever is hurt can unfollow her because the pages are hers. Besides, Jazmine said that she has the money to go wherever she wants to. Therefore, nobody is going to stop her from being happy.

“Some fans also at times become so nosy, when they see people happy, then they complain. A person has to enjoy themselves, they have to trot around the globe if they have money. And when I post the pictures on social media, I have a right to because it’s mine. If it annoys you I’m sorry but I’m not stopping tomorrow because someone has just complained. I’m going to keep doing it, uploading as many pictures as I want because it gives me joy,” said Jazmine.

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The erotic pictures though seem one of the strategies by these female musicians keep their fan base occupied. When the music is less, expect more social media activity of such images. And most times, it works for them as it keeps them on everyone’s lips. That’s how showbiz works, keep them talking about you regardless.



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