London-Based Promoter Mama Africa Responds To Winnie Nwagi’s Claims Of Disrespect


London-based promoter, Mama Africa, has come out to respond to Winnie Nwagi’s claims of disrespecting her. It should be recalled that Nwagi recorded an Instagram video a few days ago insulting Mama Africa.

The Malaika singer branded this promoter evil hearted. She warned the promoter against starting beefs with artists. Nwagi then said that if this promoter wants her name to be in the news, Nwagi will then put it. Further, Nwagi told this promoter to stop treating people like ‘shit.’ She then advised Mama Africa to get someone who is not ill-mannered to handle the business on her behalf. This was during the Swangz Avenue singer’s concert alongside Fik Fameica in London.

However, Mama Africa has now decided to hit back. She said that the claims by Nwagi are false and unfortunate. This promoter revealed that Nwagi herself is ill-mannered. The whole problem started with weed. Nwagi had asked for some weed to smoke and then this promoter called one of her friends to deliver it. This is because she didn’t want the wrong weed to be delivered as it would harm her before performing.

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When this weed was delivered, Nwagi was told to go and smoke from outside. This is due to the policies of the area they were in. Nwagi however smoked inside the hotel and Mama Africa was charged for breach of hotel regulations. Worst of all, at the time of the performance, Nwagi and Fik Fameica were nowhere to be seen. Their phones were all off.

I want to clarify on what the fool was saying that I disrespected her. It’s not true, what happened is that she wanted some weed. I then called one of my friends who is a DJ to deliver the weed. This is because I didn’t want her smoking weed from anywhere as it would harm her. She was then told to go and smoke from outside but due to her ill-manners, she smoked from the hotel lounge breaching the policies.” SHE SAID

I really paid a lot of money over this damage. This is because, when you’re booking, you leave your card there. Anything you do inside the hotel, your bill is deducted there. On the day of the performance, I called Fik Fameica’s number and it was off. This disorganized our schedule,” she said.



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