Beyoncé joins TikTok in the most Beyoncé way possible


Do you remember how Beyoncé joined Instagram and left her whole profile completely empty for a few years? You know how she has a Twitter with over 15 million followers despite only tweeting 20 times since 2013? It’s safe to say that Beyoncé keeps social media at an enviable distance.

So while she posted her first TikTok, after quietly signing up to the app in December 2021, don’t expect her to compete in dance challenges, rapping “my money don’t jiggle don’t jiggle…” or posting a “day in my life”. soon a video. In fact, Beyoncé herself does not appear in the TikTok at all. Instead, she focuses on her fans (some of whom are quite famous).

The music video is set to Beyoncé’s “song of the summer” contestant “Break My Soul,” and is a compilation of the best TikTok videos on the track. This includes appearances from actor and drag queen Shangela and Cardi B.

“Seeing you pull off the fuss made me so happy!” Beyoncé wrote in the caption. “Thank you so much for all the love you have for BREAK MY SOUL! – I love B.”

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What exactly does this mean? Is Beyoncé uploading a single TikTok to satisfy the concerns of a recording industry that increasingly values ​​virality on the short-form video-sharing app, or does she have bigger plans? Remember, even though she was a little late to using her Instagram, she seems to love documenting her various fashion statements now (even though she maintains a queen policy of not interacting much on the app).

The answer may be somewhere in between. Along with the video, she has also uploaded her entire back catalog to the app, which means users can now create content using her bops. Seen his next album, Rebirth – Act 1 is likely to be heavily influenced by dance music, a few viral dance challenges couldn’t hurt. Either way, don’t expect his TikTok account to get any less scrutiny than any of his other social media accounts.



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