King Saha’s Wishes Bebe Cool Death In Dreadful Prayer.


In a recent live TikTok broadcast, Ugandan singer King Saha escalated his longstanding feud with Bebe Cool by delivering a ominous prayer. The tension between the two musicians has been evident over the years, with King Saha using his musical platform to criticize Bebe Cool, notably in his song “Zakayo.”

During the broadcast, King Saha openly targeted Bebe Cool, expressing a fervent desire for his nemesis to meet a grim fate. The singer extended his prayers to encompass all his enemies, emphasizing that their downfall is his primary concern, and he would dedicate more than two weeks to praying for their demise.

Adding a surprising twist, King Saha conveyed his disappointment with God, feeling that despite the blessings bestowed upon them, their enemies remain envious and resentful. The singer concluded his unsettling prayer by wishing for divine intervention, specifically hoping for the cars of his enemies to crash, bringing an eerie tone to his ongoing feud with Bebe Cool.



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