King Saha Takes Exposes Twitter User Frank Mwesigwa For Texting His Wife.


During a recent TikTok livestream, Ugandan singer King Saha bravely addressed a Twitter user, Frank Mwesigwa, publicly accusing him of making unwelcome advances towards Saha’s wife. The singer expressed deep disappointment and concern regarding Frank’s persistent behavior.

Saha revealed on the livestream that Frank had been consistently messaging girls, using inappropriate terms like “babies,” which the singer found disrespectful. Additionally, King Saha pointed out the contradiction in Frank’s online persona, showcasing a lavish lifestyle on social media despite reported financial struggles.

According to King Saha, Frank’s manipulative tactics involve flaunting assets like cows and cars to lure girls, a behavior the singer strongly condemns. The situation escalated when Frank crossed a personal boundary by sending a message to King Saha’s wife.

In response to this breach, King Saha decided to confront Frank publicly, issuing a warning about the potential consequences of his actions. The singer highlighted the risks, including the possibility of physical harm, especially if Frank continues such behavior while staying in lodges. This public stand by King Saha serves as a stern message against inappropriate advances and emphasizes the need for respect and boundaries.




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