Kenyan Singer Jaquar looses Parliamentary Seat, Moves back to Music!


Kenyan singer and former Starehe MP Charles Njagua Kanyi alias Jaguar has made his first move, days after losing out on the just concluded polls. Jaguar dropped out as an independent contestant for the Starehe MP seat.

His political journey took a big hit. Away from politics, the Kigeugeu star returned to music. He has just released his latest album dubbed ‘Nitume’ after months of missing in action.

The singer shared his latest piece of work with his fans via his official social media pages. In this music project, the entertainer collaborated with a Ugandan musical talent.

The former Starehe MP was recently floored by the now elect Starehe constituency MP Amos Mwago, who ran under the Jubilee Party ticket after garnering 50,787 votes in the just concluded general elections. Mr Mwago beat his rival Simon Mbugua of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Party who amassed 35,548 votes. In January, Jaguar defected his political stature from Jubilee to UDA where he placed his bid to contest for the Starehe MP seat under the party ticket.


In April, Jaguar made another public bid to defend his MP seat at the August polls as an independent candidate after Simon Mbugua bagged the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket for the Parliamentary seat in the party’s heavily contested nominations.

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Taking to his social media platforms at the time, Jaguar underscored that despite being snubbed for the UDA ticket, he had held consultative talks with his constituents who urged him to defend his seat on whichever platform. Jaguar was elected to serve the Constituency of Starehe in Nairobi on a Jubilee Party ticket on August 9, 2017, after defeating Steve Mbogo, Boniface Mwangi, and Mwaniki Kwenya.

The Kenyan politician defeated incumbent Starehe MP Hon. Maina Kamanda in a hotly contested nomination race for the Jubilee Party ticket back in April 2017.



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