Kalifah Aganaga comes For Sheilah Gashumba`s head for putting local content creators down


We all know what social media is, and we’re sure many of us have mixed opinions on it. It’s like Marmite – you either love it or you hate it.

There are times where you can be sat for hours scrolling through the site and retweeting or sharing amusing posts, and there’s also times where we have to immediately log off after seeing a controversial debate that has blown up way out of proportion.

On Monday,celebrated media personality, party host and socialite Sheila Gashumba through her socials clapped back at fellow work at Next media Isaac Kawalya, also known as Kayz who had earlier on come out to criticize Sheilah`s code of dressing when sheilah was hosting her “One Man Bottle, Chop Life end of year party”, mentioning that it was such an indecent attire that could easily tarnish Sheilah`s reputation as everything was revealing for the public to see.

Kayz mentioned that Sheila was feeling so good about the attire currently but once she matured enough to have kids, they would never be proud of seeing their mother dressed like that at all. Well, these comments must have rubbed Sheila Gashumba in all the wrong spots, itching her to the point of making her clap back real hard.

Sheilah Gashumba

In retariating back to Kayz’s criticism, the NBS After 5 Co-Host mentioned how she is all levels apart with Kawalya because unlike her who grew up watching International TV shows all throught her childhood, Kays on the other hand was buzy watching Uganda local productions like The Ebonies` “Thats Life Mwattu” and Bakayimbira`s “Kigenya Agenya”, moreso on black-and-white TV.

“Dear Kaiyz, you grew up watching That’s Life Mwattu and Kigenya Agenya on a black and white tv. I grew up watching live performances of Rihanna and Beyoncé and Disney channel, E!. I’m here to remind you that WE ARE NOT AND WE WILL NEVER BE ON THE SAME LEVEL,” Gashumba’s tweet read on Monday.


Sheilah`s clapbacks left the internet broken and made a lot of people to react in contempt. These included artist Kalifah Aganaga who hit Sheilah so hard for what he called “disrespect of Ugandan content creators”.

Singer Khalifah Aganaga

Kalifah Aganaga who had just recently come out to attack singer Sheebah Kalungi for not paying him the respect he deserves yet again came back but this time for Sheilah`s head venting out all his frustration and calling her all sorts of names among other gig insults.

The Badman Character CEO pointed out of how Sheilah is a cocky and that everything on her is “fake” before asking her to stop disrespecting Ugandan content creators.

“Dear Sheilah C Gashumba , wepankanyo, ate nga oli kakazi kabi nyo. Fe aba bad character katugambe ko kitaawo alabika akutya, every thing on is fake. Check the buttocks ha ha bulinga obugaati bwebitaano, olinga akasumuluzo ka toy. You can’t disrespect Uganda content creators,” he wrote.



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