JUST IN! UMA Presidency goes Political after Bobiwine endorsing King Saha!


Today is the day aspirants for the Uganda Musicians Association presidency are expected to return their nomination forms with all the requirements expected of them priority being the 20 signatures from UMA Members.

The race that takes twists every now and then has now shifted to a political lane, this is because UMA member Bobi Wine real name Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has this morning endorsed King Saha for the presidency and given him his signature. Its believed that King Saha is preparing to head to the National Theatre for verification and approval.

Bobi Wine joined active National politics and heads NUP – Natiponal Unity Platform, the leading opposition political party in the land but still as an artist he subscribes to UMA, his move to endorse Saha has turned the race into a political party scramble because its official now that King Saha is representing NUP in the race. The big question however is, Is Cindy Sanyu, King Saha’s immediate and top competitor in the race ready to go political and move to NRM – National Resistance Movement, which is NUP’s biggest opponent? will she ? If so, how prepared is NRM as a political party in supporting her bid.

IMG 20220403 WA0010
King Saha the day he picked his nomination Form

It should be noted that the NRM President, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is also an artist with a top 2011 hit “Another RAP”, How about he also endorses Cindy and the boat of the race starts to balance? According to the UMA constitution, one to stand for a presidential seat must have more than 20 signatures on the nomination form of artists that are under UMA.

20220401 164310
Will Cindy officially run to NRM to seek for support in the UMA Presidential Race?

Saha has been moving around and looking for signatures of fellow singers who believe in him, close sources in his camp have notified this platform that Bobiwine and Nubian Li’s signatures were the last 2 on his form and its believed that he now has all the 20 signatures required. Through social media, King Saha thanked Bobi Wine and Nubian Li and promised to serve artistes better.



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