Jenkins Mukasa weighs in on Sheebah and Spice Diana Relationship

Sheebah Karungi and Spice Diana during the launch of Star Gal EP

First it was the Sheebah and Spice Diana fans that sparkled off the beef between the two artists. Each artist’s fan could attack the other artists on their social media.

Sheebah ignored the situation but Spice addressed it when she asked Sheebah’s fans to stop insulting her.

Because beef has always been healthy for the music industry, music lovers expected a music battle between the two. However, Sheebah being a feminist could not allow it. She attended Spice Diana’s star girl EP launched and they kissed and hugged.

Spice Diana also attended Sheebah’s concerts at Serena hotel and together, they performed sirwana song. The original version of this song was done by Sheebah Karungi and Carol Nantongo.

Hell almost broke loose when a poster made rounds on social media advertising Sheebah Karungi’s extra concert in Nansana. This was organized on the same date as the Spice Diana Siri Regular concert.

A “fake” snapchat post was shared under Spice Star expressing dissatisfaction over the matter. The post explained that the poster was tired of fakeness and pretence. This also was buried when Sheebah graced Diana’s concert and also gave a thrilling performance.

The recently buried bad blood between Spice Diana and Sheebah was awoken when dancer Rita Dancehall wide shared her opinion on the Spice Diana concert. Through her Whats App status, Rita said Sheebah was the best performer at the Spice Diana concert and that, Shakirah Shakirah was the best dressed.


Rita also told Spiners that after throwing insults at her in jinja, she told her to go and dance for muicians like Sheebah. She was later arrested and many alleged that she was a scape goat for the bitter relationship between Spice and Sheebah.

While Rita was detained, Sheebah took to her social media and called out at Source management for arresting the dancer over a personal opinion. She said dealing with some situations needs maturity, respect and kindness.

Speaking about the bitter-sweet relationship between the two artists. Music critic Jenkins Mukasa said Spice and Sheebah have an undercurrent relationship where they pretend to be okay with each other yet they have a battle of supremacy and everyone wants to be better than the other.

“They are always weighing on who is the best performer, who has the most fans and who is does what best,” Jenkins says it’s just natural for women their age to compete. “I don’t think it’s very bad thing. It’s healthy for the Industry though sometimes it can be beyond,” he said.



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