Isma Olaxess Criticzes Spice Diana’s Rant On Stage Demanding For Money


Popular social media blogger Isma Olaxess, has come out to criticize the way songstress Spice Diana stormed the stage to demand the remainder of her money at the recently concluded Masaka Jam Festival.

Spice Diana cut her performance short and demanded the promoter Nkuke Robert of Mutima promotions to hand over her balance. She revealed that promoters have always fleeced artistes which is wrong. The singer added that she also has obligations to fulfill. The video since then has gone viral. Mutima however came out and apologized to Spice Diana. He said that there was a delay and miscommunication. Besides this wouldn’t ever happen again. However, according to Isma, this was so cheap from the Body singer. This is because demanding for money is not her job.

This is the job that should be done by her manager, Roger. He also wondered why she hires four bouncers who can’t help her in asking for money. To Isma Olaxess, this was cheap of the singer to do. And besides, the people only expected music and not rants from her.

“I’m so much very disappointed in Spice Diana. Running on stage to demand for money was too cheap of a thing for her. She shouldn’t have done that. It’s the job of her manager Roger and I’m sure he’s the one who set her up. It’s like a footballer going onto the pitch and then they demand money on a field. So the moment u step on stage, revelers expect music, just not rants. There are lots of things she’s been doing of recent that are damaging to her brand and she has to stop,” said Isma.

Additionally, the blogger said the person who received the upfront cash on this performance is the one who should have been asking for the remainder. And if she doesn’t get herself out of such useless controversies, her brand might suffer a premature death. This is yet she’s seemingly having a bright future ahead.



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