Is it over between Sheila Gashumba & Rickman?


Everything flourishing reaches a point of diminishing, the saying must be true with celebrity couple Sheila Gashumba and Rickman as their relationship might have hit a dead end!

Following a viral video making rounds on social platforms where Rickman is passionately kissing a mysterious bae, we can authoritatively confirm all is not well. In the video, Rickman is seen swapping saliva with the girl while travelling to an unknown destination. True to their break up allegations, ever since Nigerian hot and young singer Ruger came to the Country, the relationship between Sheila Gashumba and Rickman must have gone down the drain. Sheila stuck to Ruger like he was her oxygen the time he was in Uganda.

Rumors spread like a wild fire about the two being in a relationship and the two kept on denying the rumor, claiming that Sheila was the one promoting Ruger’s music within Uganda. It is believed that the issues between Rick and Sheila started around this time. This has caused the great debate from social media in laws. Is it really over between Sheila Gashumba and Rickman?

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On the other hand though, we are sure if true, Sheila will be unveiling another lover soon just like she has done in the past, revealing someone immediately after exiting a relationship. The same has happened in all her past relationships.



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