IS IT A MUST? A Deep look into DJ Nimrod’s Rant on Juliana!


For the Ugandan Entertainment lovers, you must have seen hard hitting opinions from various netizens all weighing in on DJ Nimrod’s Wednesday evening Facebook post.

In the post, the bold headed Galaxy FM presenter aired out his concern in relation to the support Ugandan artistes were giving to Juliana Kanyomozi ahead of her Friday Concert at Hotel Africana.

According to Nimrod, Juliana doesn’t deserve that support simply because she doesn’t reciprocate it to fellow Ugandan artistes. He further mentions that she did it for Azawi recently simply because Swangz Avenue, the label housing Azawi is the same label organizing her concert and therefore she was doing it out of courtesy because Swangz is like home to her! He signed off the post mentioning the B2C concert happening on the same date as hers!

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The entire Genesis……..

At the start of May, the B2C singing trio announced their Concert slated for 19th August at Freedom City, close to 2 months later on July 27th, Songsress Juliana Kanyomozi announced her concert on the same date happening at the Kampala Serena Hotel!

Since then, there has been a debate as to whether one of the concerts may end up flopping due to the same day element! This however was partially settled with Entertainment analysts claiming these two kinds of artistes ( B2C & Juliana ) command a different audience given their venues and Concert Pricing too. Most of those this platform reached out to confirmed that all these artistes will get great audience!

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What does Juliana Say? How about the B2C’s?……….

Speaking on a local radio station recently about their concert dates colliding with Juliana’s show, the boys confirmed that they aren’t scared of the competition simply because it’s history repeating itself.

They reminisced of an incident of a like in 2018 during their maiden concert. Bobbylash, a one third of the boys Swangz Avenue went ahead to announce Morgan Heritage concert on the same day of their show. Their disappointment is not with Juliana, but Swangz Avenue which is behind her concert because the same label did the same thing to them back then, they therefore wondered if they have issues with them! They however sad they are sure of a great show in terms of attendance!

On the other hand, the few times Juliana has talked about the matter, she said that this industry is too big and so are its fans. She therefore said that she has her fans who will support her. She added that the B2C too have their fans who wll support them and therefore the fuss being brought is unnecessary and uncalled for because many shows can happen on the same day and they are all attended to.

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DJ Nimrod

Is it Grown Beef between Galaxy FM & Swangz Avenue?…..

There was a big online war between the Industrial Area Based music label and the Kansanga based radio station before, during and After Azawi’s concert.  The reason for this battle is a story we ran here recently but a section of netizens believe that this silent beef between these 2 brands is still ongoing.

A one Facebook user in the comments section of DJ Nimrod’s post claimed that Nimords post wasn’t personal but rather an opinion of Galaxy FM radio, the station he works for! He further added that this wasn’t DJ Nimrod attacking Juliana but rather Galaxy FM attacking Swangz Avenue, the company organizing her show. In this case, Nimrod was a channel through which the station put out its point!

Apparently, the post was made in a bid to elongate their battle. How true this is a story for another day but for now, we can authoritatively confirm that the Deejay shook and is still shaking tables.

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Juliana Kanyomozi

Is it a must for an Artiste to support Another anyway?….

Usually artistes, show much support for their fellows in times of concerts! Although many claimto do this in good faith, its highly believed that they do it so as the favor is returned at points when the other artiste also stages a concert!

What then happens to Artistes who choose to stay silent about others shows? According to Clement Mushima, a music business Consultant under Reputation Africa, an artiste can choose to mind her business away from his or her fellows when they have built a strong brand that fully understands and relates with them.

That way, he adds that this artiste’s fans can choose to Support them in all ways when needed without support from other artistes and to him, Juliana is at this point! Mushima says that Juliana’s fanbase over the years has grown with her, relates with her and has gradually grown, unlike the many younger artistes who still need collective support.

He further calls Musically younger artistes to offer support for an artiste bigger than them even when this artiste doesn’t reciprocate the support simply because they tap into his or her audience.



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