BOBI WINE: Both King Saha & Cindy are good for UMA Presidency!


In an interview with Flavia Namulidwa, the self proclaimed ghetto president Bobi Wine mentioned that Cindy Sanyu has very good leadership qualities and is very capable of leading on the Uganda Musician’s Association very well, just like King Saha can.

He mentioned that being a woman has not stopped Cindy from offering the best and it still won’t stop her from offering the best for the Association.

Bobi Wine stressed that he has worked with both Cindy and King Saha and he has been blessed to witness both of them in action therefore giving him an advantage to know their strengths as well as weaknesses. Bobi said that  he understands their potential and he also praised Cindy for being a courageous woman and accepting to compete with men. 

image 9

I have worked with Cindy before and our relationship goes back even before we recorded the song “dilemma’. I applaud her for taking the shot at the association’s leadership. I want artists to continue getting involved in leadership,” he told Flavia Namulindwa. 

The singer added he endorsed King Saha because he approached him first and he also appreciated his manifesto.  He mentioned that looking at Saha’s manifesto made him realise that even young leaders could execute food plans for leadership to steer their subjects into the right direction, mentioning that this is exactly what Saha had done.

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“Saha is my friend and a good colleague who briefed me on his intentions for leadership. He explained what he wants to do for the music industry and his manifesto is good, I had to endorse him,” he stated



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