” I Have Big Personal Problem With Bobi Wine” Eddy Kenzo Opens Up


Eddy Kenzo recently shared insights into the ongoing discord between him and fellow artist Bobi Wine. In an exclusive interview with a local YouTuber, Kenzo emphasized that the issue at hand has no connection to politics or music, asserting that it is a purely personal matter that only the two of them can resolve.

“I have a personal problem with Bobi Wine, and it’s not about politics or music. It’s just an issue between the two of us. I have friends in his camp, and he also has friends in mine. Actually, I chill and talk with his brothers,” Kenzo explained during the interview.

The rift between the two artists emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic and has persisted for more than four years. As Kenzo sheds light on the nature of their discord, it becomes evident that the source of tension lies beyond the realms of their professional lives, offering a glimpse into the complexities of their personal relationship.



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