“I can’t battle a weak opponent” – Spice Diana stings Sheebah


Source Management singer Hajjarah Namukwaya alias Spice Diana continued to fuel her feud with Sheebah Karungi when she claimed she couldn’t go into a music battle with a very weak opponent. 

The “Siri Regular” singer made the comments as she responded to a question that required her to reveal whether she would battle Sheebah if a promoter organized a concert. 

She turned down any prospects of battling Sheebah Karungi noting that she wouldn’t want to rub more salt into the wounds that Cindy Sanyu left her nursing in a previous battle they had at Kololo Airstrip in September 2023.

“I can’t battle a weak opponent because you all saw what happened in the recent battle. I love challenges and this wouldn’t be a fair fight because I would leave her bruised. So there will be no battle,” Spice Diana 

Having made the remarks, social media followers were quick to share their opinions as some backed Spice Diana whereas others completely disagreed with her and instead referred to her as the weakest opponent that Sheebah could ever face in a music battle. 

Sheebah Karungi has yet to comment on Spice Diana’s diss but hopefully, she will do so when her turn to speak to the media comes through. 

The Spice Diana-Sheebah war was re-ignited when the latter jumped on Yung Mulo’s “Sipimika” song remix where she threw a verse saying she is not compared to “Birungo” that Spice interpreted it as an attack on her and has since gone on an endless rants to releasing a song titled Twokya targeting Sheebah.



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