How Chameleon’s Gwanga Mujje Concert tonned Daniella’s Ego!


Over the weekend, Daniella Atim took to her Instagram and shared a message for her followers in relation her “husband”  singer Jose Chameleone’s forthcoming concert – Gwanga Mujje.

“2 reasons to go out and fully support this event. Firstly you can be sure to get your money’s worth, it will be an action packed night with Chameleone bringing his A game as usual”

The post continued – “An obviously also because the event is organized by a woman ,Let’s normalize women penetrating a male dominated business by showing up for Biggie Events”.

While this doesn’t necessarily point to her relationship status with Chameleone, Daniella might have wanted to prove neutrality amid her past hard hitting direct and indirect messages to Chameleone, his singing brothers and the entire Mayanja Family.

Her post could be one of those she made to potray her as unbiased – as someone who comes out to speak out on the wrong during the bad times, but also the doing the same when there is a reason to gearn support.


Its no doubt that all is not well between Daniella and Chameleone – Although both of them ain’t ready to tell the story, we can Authoritatively confirm there is a story to tell, and one day, that story will be told, only a matter of time!

From her post, one could think that she was simply showing support for the father of her children, but a deeper look into her choice of words in the caption reveal that her message is less of attachment with Chameleone the person but his strength.

In there, she asks people to come and support the event and not Chameleone, she only mentions him while relating him with the A Game he brings as an artiste, her post is more about what he offers musically than calling for his support as a person. Indirectly, she is not calling people to see Chameleone, but only what he is got to offer – “A Game”.

Important to note also is her feminist leaning in the same post. She highlights the point of Biggie events, the female promoter behind the concert changing the narrative by undertaking a show of a kind in a male dominated business.

On the other hand, it is also believed that Daniella made the post to shift attention from Bettinah Tiana’s post that pointed at her as a double standard woman. Before the Chameleone concert post, Daniella, in a post that she had since deleted posted a sceeenshot of a comment from a Facebook user who bullied Bettinah’s black color sensation.

In defense, Bettinah turned guns at Daniella who she insisted was fueling the ridicule by sharing it. In a way, of shifting from the saga, its believed Daniella chose to make a post in support of her embattled “husband”s concert.

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Jose Chameleone’s Gwanga Mujje Concert is slated for Friday February 10th 2023 at Lugogo Cricket Oval. See Details on the flyer above for more Details. Come one Come All.



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