Dancer Rita Dancehall Wide not yet released, still in talks with Source management


Nuru Nankanja aka Nunu, the General Secretary Dancer’s Association Uganda has disclosed that Dancer Rita Nassaazi aka Dancehall who was imprisoned two days ago over defamation against Spice Diana and her management has not yet been released from jail.

In a conversation she had with spiners today at 2:50 PM, Nunu disclosed that Rita was still detained and talks were still ongoing between Ritah and the artist.

“They had just changed her to a different cell and were asking her to apologise as they wait for the officer in charge to sign and set her free,”

Nunu said that Spice Diana and her management wanted Rita to apologize so that their names get cleansed of the accusations the dancer made before her arrest. Rita had told her fans that Spice and her manager are responsible for whatever that befalls her life. She said Manager Roger had threatened to end her life.

She also revealed that musician Sheebah had not yet reached out to them as she had earlier promised in her Face Book post

Nunu’s comment comes two hours later after blogger Ray Super posted that Rita had privately apologized to the artist and had been released.



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