Hon. Mukasa Mbidde’s condolence message to Late Speaker leaves Netizens mesmerized & Tantalized!


East African Legislative Assembly member and DP vice president Honorable Fred Mukasa Mbidde has always been known for his incredible dialect, his choice of vocabulary and the way he plays around with language. He  has once again excited Netizens with his super English while eulogizing the fallen speaker of parliament Jacob Lo’kori Oulanyah who passed on in Seattle, USA.

Condolence messages are flowing in from across the world in mourning the man whom majority have described as a man of humility, integrity and welcomed every one across all political divides and many have referred to him as the Elephant. As Netizens were mourning their loss, they could not help but be taken aback by the choice of dialect that Hon Mukasa Mbidde chose to use in mourning. Many expected it, but still could bot hide their excitement upon the eulogy as they were waiting for the Hulla ballu,  according to his own words.


Shortly before Oulanya’s death, Mbidde also sent in a message wishing him well with a quick recovery, many didnt also understand his message because it was written in his same “higg-hagga” English! Many have not even understood what he meant in his message, but all in all, Heaven is the Terminus.



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