Here is why Maurice Kirya Backed out from the UMA Presidency Race!


Singer Maurice Kirya has decided to withdraw from the UMA presidential race that is slated for today 11th April 2022. The singer had made his intentions clear just a few days ago.

This was after being fronted by Gagamel singer Bebe Cool as the best choice for the role. Bebe Cool said that Kirya has all the qualities to steer the industry ahead unlike the other two candidates Cindy and King Saha. Maurice Kirya subsequently made his intentions clear and decided to join the race. He said that after numerous calls from fellow artists to lead them, he had made up his mind to take up the job.

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He however made a U-turn in his earlier decision. The Busabala singer says that failure to book an early ticket has cost him coming back. He further adds that due to the COVID-19 protocols, he won’t make it on time as stipulated by UMA’s guidelines



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