HAMISA MOBETTO: Zari doesn’t want all our kids with Diamond to unite!

Hamisa Mobetto carrying Dylan, a son she sired with Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian singer and influencer Hamisa Mobetto’s efforts to have a blended family with Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan have hit a brick wall. Both of them sired tots with Tanzanian bongo flava star Diamond Platnumz.

This is after Hamisa’s desire for her son, Dylan to meet and get to know his half-brother and half-sister Princess Tiffah and Nillian, the two children Zari had So far, Hamisa had been able to meet and socialise with Naseeb Junior, another of Diamond’s children, with Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna. However, that hasn’t been possible because of what Mobetto describes as hatred emanating from Zari’s end.

image 6
A photo montage of Diamond Pltnumz Baby mama’s { L – R} – Hamisa Mobetto, Tanasha Donna & Zari

“Tanasha and I are good, we communicate a lot but the one with the problem is our colleague (Zari). She despises us, and perhaps that’s the reason she doesn’t want to have all of our children blending but it’s all good.” Mobetto reacted in a recent online interview.

image 8
Zari and Diamond together with their childrenPrince Nillan and Pricess Tifah

One could fault Zari for her decision, but the South African based socialite has made it known that she doesn’t like the two women. Zari believes they were the reasons her four-year union with Diamond crumbled. With Zari spending most of her time in South Africa, Diamond cheated with Hamisa and got her pregnant. However, it is understood that Hamisa and Diamond’s affair had been so secretive for very many years with their relationship being an on-and-off situation-ship. When Hamisa got pregnant, it was the last straw for Zari.

image 7
Tanasha Donna with Diamond Pltnumz and their Son Naseeb Junior

Diamond wanted the pregnancy to remain a secret but Mobetto wasn’t for the idea and kept giving hints that the father of her second child was Diamond. This forced the singer to come out and confess publicly while in a radio interview. As for Tanasha, Zari once claimed that she was fond of stalking Diamond online at the time the two were dating and the socialite found that to be disrespectful. However, Tanasha denied ever stalking Diamond.



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