Sendi weighs in on Gravity’s Rant of Breaking TOP 3 Dominancy!


Following his recently concluded successful concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval on Saturday, Luga-flo rapper Gravity Omutujju bragged about being a top tier artiste in the Ugandan music industry!

He further asked legendary artistes commonly termed as the Top 3, Jose Chameleone, Bebecool and Bobiwine to take a leave from the music industry and concentrate on their other ventures because he has broken all their records, following his record of filling up Lugogo Cricket oval venue for the 4th time!

Gravity’s rants over the famous big three artistes raised a point of discussion within Ugandan music lovers and fans with divided mixed feelings, opinions and reactions.

The big question however is, Has Gravity Omutujju or any other recent generational Ugandan artsite superceded the supremacy of the ancient Top 3 artistes in the land?

We had a deeper talk with Arts Critic Edward Sendikaddiwa who made sense of the entire matter. According to Sendikaddiwa, famously referred to as Eddy Sendi in the entertainment industry, the famous Top 3 Ugandan Artists are still unrivaled amongst all the other artistes that came after them!

“The top 3’s biggest strength was outing many hits songs for a very long time unrivaled to the extent that up to now, you can wake up any of them and he will serve you with hit after hit after hit for over 2 hours, none of the artites that came after them can handle that” Sendi says!

Sendi says there is a big difference between a hit song and a good song.


“A song can be a hit song when its actually not a good song. The top 3 had both good songs and hit songs something that’s rare with most of the artistes today”  he adds!

Sendi agrees that some artistes today have filled up shows but with how many mega hit songs? He asks! He adds that the famous top 3 Ugandan artistes have stood the taste of time no one can challenge amongst their younger generation fellows something that still ranks them way high up there.

He further admits that some few new generational artistes have done a few worthy like moves like filling up shows but that’s simply a one off. He explains that with their achievements, they have simply ticked off like one box out of the many boxes the Top 3 artistes have ticked over the years and therefore still have many more boxes pending!

Eddy Sendi says this is not the first time the top 3 have been shaken, he reminisces of the 2008 music  generation that brought the dynamic duo or Radio and Weasle as one that nearly tried to come close to the Famous top 3 artistes. Famously known as the Locomotive generation, he says to date, few of them are still standing musically, something that further exalts the top famous 3 singers.

With the growing comparison between new generational artistes and the older generational artistes growing everyday that passes, the big question that remains is, what exactly can newer artistes do to claim the top positions old generation artistes have held for over 20 years?

That’s one for artistes to Research and ponder about and later put into practice!




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