Government Pledges Unwavering Support to Arts Industry


In a resounding testament to the rising prominence of the arts industry in Uganda, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, during an album launch event for “Museveni Awooma,” pledged unwavering support to musicians by providing essential funds and equipment to nurture their talents.

The colorful event unfolded at the Kololo Independence Grounds in Kampala, organized by singer Munamasaka Emma Nsereko.

President Museveni, gracing the occasion, expressed his heartfelt congratulations to Munamasaka and fellow musicians for their exceptional musical prowess.

He assured the gathering, “I want to thank him and the other musicians for singing well, and we are going to support them by giving funds and equipment.”

In an effort to foster collaboration and shared resources within the music industry, President Museveni also announced plans to convene a meeting with musicians.
He envisages establishing a common user facility accessible to all artists, remarking, “We should have a studio where you go and pay a little fee, and they record a song for you.”

IMG 20230922 WA0032
Munnamasaka singing to President’s supporters and his fans at Kololo last Sunday

Furthermore, President Museveni underscored his commitment to protecting the rights of artists through stringent enforcement of copyright laws, ensuring that artists receive due recognition and compensation for their creative endeavors.


This monumental commitment from the President comes at a time when the arts have taken center stage in national discussions.

Various stakeholders have actively engaged with stakeholders to streamline and elevate the industry to meet contemporary demands. Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka echoed the President’s sentiments, urging artists to prioritize substantive issues over internal conflicts.

“When you fight each other and make unproductive noise in the media here and there, for us as Government, we shall move on and attend to other pressing issues,” he asserted during a meeting with artists to update them on the progress of copyright amendements.

IMG 20230922 WA0033
Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka together with Artistes this week

The arts industry in Uganda has fundmental challenges like lack of access to affordable capital, lack of creative spaces, poor copyright system. However, the government’s newfound commitment, coupled with a shift in the mindset and attitudes of creatives, paves the way forward for a flourishing and professionalized arts sector.

It signals a promising era where artists can thrive and contribute to Uganda’s cultural and economic development.



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