FINALLY: Lubiri High School Owns Up Students in Viral Bus Dance video!


Lubiri High School has finally commented about the students that appeared in a now-viral video dancing in a Midland High School bus. The management of the school confirmed that the students in the video are their students. However, further investigations are going to be made regarding the issue.

According to the school, the video is not as harmless as people are making it seem. They say these were young people having fun and dancing to the music. The school said that this is a co-curricula activity that is allowed and provided at the school.

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An official memo from Lubiri High School

However, the school apologized to Midland for using their van in such a way and to the public. Earlier on though, Lubiri had strongly distanced itself from this issue. They had denied the students saying they know nothing about them.

This video was captured by a passerby who later posted it on social media. In the video, girls were seen dancing on top of the male students without a look of bother on their faces. Unfortunately, the bus was stationed which looked as if, everyone was enjoying what was going on. Social media was awash with comments as they condemned the act in the video.



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