Felista Di Superstar Heartbroken As Her Concert Faces Cancellation Over Embezzlement.


Faith Nanyanzi, widely known as Felista Di Superstar, has been left devastated by the abrupt cancellation of her highly anticipated debut show, “Felista Fest 2024,” originally scheduled for April 1, 2024.

Expressing her distress on her Facebook page, the young rapper disclosed that the funds earmarked for the meticulous preparation and organization of the concert were embezzled by the individual entrusted with the event’s management. A staggering sum of over Shs50 million is reported to have vanished, leaving Felista in profound anguish over the unfortunate turn of events.

In a heartfelt post, Felista wrote, “The person in charge of this concert disappeared with all the funds close to 50,000,000/= which was meant to stage my concert! I have a lot of pain in my heart.”

Having made her mark on the music scene in 2019, Felista Di Superstar swiftly ascended the ranks, earning recognition for several hit songs. A press conference held at Papaz Spot in Makindye in January showcased her enthusiasm for “Felista Fest 2024,” originally planned to take place at Wankuluku Stadium.

Accompanied by her father and fellow rapper, Fresh Kid, Felista expressed her eagerness to share her artistic prowess through the live event. However, she now faces the disappointment of postponing her dream concert, awaiting another opportunity to bring her musical vision to life.



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