End Of Criminality At Events: Butchaman`s “Security By Knuckle” Here To Curb offenders

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Butchman and his security workforce with Swangz Avenue`s Viboyo

We rarely hear the word redemption in discussions of criminal affairs; “Once a criminal, always a criminal” is taken as truth. But musician and Presidential envoy on ghetto affairs Mark Bugembe commonly known as Butchaman has found a highly unique approach that is becoming quite successful of turning once criminal masterminds from the ghettos into special and professional security personnel under a body called `Security by Knuckle`.

“Mindset change efforts as you will find that some of our guards are reformed from the same acts they are working hard to stop. Like stealing, pick pocketing and hurting revellers at shows and events which made me realize of the need to find for them better solutions so as they don’t end up in jail or even the grave”, Butchaman says.

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Butchaman continues to narrate that this highly trained security force of his do even escort show attendees to their own safety ensuring that they board to home without any danger as they did to ahows like this years` Swangz Avenue`s Roast and Rhyme that happened in Jinja, Gravity`s Ani Alina Ennene concert at Lugogo, NBS`s “UNCUT AT 3” at Uganda Museum, a couple of Galaxy FM organized shows, Winnie Nwagi`s Fire Baby Concert among so many other high profile entertainment shows.

“We have so far recovered more than 100 stolen phones and deterred hundreds of opportunistic criminals whom we handled to the Police which we always work hand in hand with as our secondary responders”

Putting Buchaman’s initiative into perspective, we all know of how security is essential at music festivals, concerts, football games, and other live events. Regardless of the size or type of venue, proper measures must be taken to protect the fans/audience. But how does Butchaman`s Security By Knuckle work, exactly? Does there need to be a certain ratio of their security officers to fans/ audience? Are the requirements different depending on the size of the event?

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Disasters like the 2010 Kyadondo bombing that claimed over 74 lives or another attack of the same at Kabalagala`s Ethiopian Village restaurant on the same day as Ugandans were enjoying watching the Wold Cup final between Spain and Holland makes answering the above questions all the more important. Overcrowding, violence at live events, and deadly crowd surges have been happening for decades. It was time for something to be done about it – and proper security like Butcha`s Security By Knuckle is indeed one of the answers.

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When asked about how much they charge and what other services they offer, the “Lwaki Temumatira singer never shied away of letting us know.

“Our rates depend on the work required. We also offer personal guards, risk assessments, and we are also available to work at events like weddings, funerals, mobilization events among others”

Butchamn concluded by giving us contacts for anyone who would wish to hire then for the best quality security services of any event as 0782386511/ 07008873937.



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