END IN TEARS! What’s with Mr Henrie & Prima’s Love Affair?


Love is funny, one day you love someone and the next day you said that you wish you never did.

Something of a sort is seemingly happening behind doors for showbiz streets couple Prima Kardash and Mr Henrie! What started off as a relationship meant to be between the beautician and the media personality could have taken a downward lane, hence going sour!

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According to close sources, the couple is no more! Although both Prima ad Henrie have kept mute about the matter, we authoritatively confirm that Henrie is nolonger a showed face on Prima’s Instagram page, a space where a couple of their affair pictures were painted for anyone that seemed interested to have a glance at the lovely moments they ever shared!

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According to netizen inlaws, the Genesis of this storm between the couple was during Prima’s recent vacation in Dubai. While there, its alleged that she had a sexual affair with SouthAfrica’ based Ugandan socialite Meddy Mo. Their alleged entanglement is what made Henrie disappointed though he kept saying all is okay!

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Upon her return to Uganda, matters became worse when Prima chose to celebrate one of her er daughters birthday with her ex-hubby singer Geosteady! According to close associates to the couple, Henrie was not involved in this entire process and he was shocked seeing his lover with her ex in a manner that came off as disrespectful.

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For a rumor that has gone on for over a fortnight, we can’t full confirm it, we can however authoritatively confirm that all is not well between them! If what we think goes as is, we shall have another certifird confirmation of the famous saying “It will End in Tears“!



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