Eddy Kenzo reconciles Azawi and Ray G

Azawi and Ray G

After Musicians Azawi and Ray G clashed in Mbarara, social media took turns and everyone was siding with whoever they believed was innocent. 

The feud had escalated amongst fans and many started attaching it to tribalism.

As expected of a good leader, Eddy Kenzo, the President of Uganda National Musicians Federation reached out to the two artists and social media was graced with a beautiful photo of Ray G chilling with Azawi.

IMG 20240104 WA0006

“Eddy Kenzo reached both of us and it came to that which I think was a good thing because I myself I wouldn’t say anything until I hear from the other party,” Ray G said in an interview earlier today

He explained that the situation between him and Azawi was a misunderstanding and whatever happened was not about her.

“It was not about her. It was about the bad system. We are okay,” he said



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