Davido Declares Himself As King Of Afrobeats Genre.


Famed musician Davido confidently asserts his position as the worldwide leader of Afrobeats during a recent interview.

In a conversation with Billboard’s Nadine Graham, Davido corrected being referred to as the leader of Afrobeats only in the United States, insisting that he leads “everywhere.”

As the global front-runner of Afrobeats, Davido aims to deliver nothing but exceptional music, emphasizing its widespread reach, even to listeners in unexpected places like prisons.

The singer excitedly shares his plans for two upcoming albums tailored for both African and American audiences, showcasing his versatility and broad appeal.

Davido also highlights his favorite collaboration, ‘2 AM’ with Casanova and Tory Lanez, which beautifully blends Canadian, Nigerian, and American musical influences.



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