CHEF MUGABE MOSES: A Culinary Maestro ready to Infuse Whisky Magic at the Singleton Chef Versus Event


Within the lively streets of Kampala, a culinary prodigy is making waves in the world of fine dining. Meet Chef Mugabe Moses, a 28-year-old Muyankole who hails from Rukungiri district in western Uganda, but thriving in the heart of the Kampala.

Mugabe says his culinary journey started at a young age. He is now gearing up for the second edition of the Singleton Chef Versus event, a culinary showdown slated for Saturday, September 30th, at Salama Springs in Bugolobi.
It’s a stage where he’ll blend his passion for cooking with the rich flavours of Singleton malt whisky.

Chef Versus 3

A Journey Born in the Kitchen
Chef Mugabe’s culinary journey traces its origins back to his childhood. Between 2005 and 2007, from the tender ages of 11 to 13, he found himself in the kitchen, under the watchful eye of his mother. While his siblings tuned in to the television and engaged in various activities, Mugabe was by his mother’s side, helping her prepare meals. This early experience ignited a passion that would eventually lead him to the stove and culinary school.
With his enrolment at the Uganda Hotel and Tourism Training Institute in Jinja, Chef Mugabe sought to polish his skills and broaden his culinary horizons. His journey was driven by a desire to turn his innate talent into a refined craft. For
him, cooking was the perfect avenue for bringing people together and indulge in his own creative expression.
Chef Mugabe’s rise in the culinary world was marked by honesty and a deep commitment to involving his clients in the dining experience. His willingness to learn and adapt has been the cornerstone of his journey. However, he credits a significant milestone in his career to an unexpected opportunity: becoming the in-house chef at Riverbank Jinja at a remarkably young age, and with no prior experience in 5-star hotels. This early break allowed him to develop his skills further, providing personalized fine dining experiences and pushing the boundaries of his culinary imagination.

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The Singleton Whisky Challenge

As one of the featured chefs in the upcoming Chef Versus event, Mugabe faces a unique challenge: infusing Singleton malt whisky into each course. It’s a creative twist he’s eager to explore, despite never having ventured into this territory before. The prospect of weaving Singleton’s distinctive flavour profile into his dishes excites him, presenting a culinary puzzle he’s eager to solve.


Creative Culinary Expression and preparations
Chef Mugabe’s creative process revolves around achieving balance in flavours. Singleton whisky’s presence inspires him to think outside the box, ensuring that each dish delivers a harmonious and unforgettable taste experience. He plans to incorporate Singleton whisky into his BBQ wet ribs, enhancing the richness of his main course.

With the event just days away, Chef Mugabe has mostly decided on the menu for the 3-course meal. However, a few twists may be in store to further elevate the attendees’ excitement, so that everyone leaves with an unforgettable culinary experience.

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A Career-Defining Partnership
The partnership with the Singleton Chef Versus event promises to be a pivotal moment in Chef Mugabe’s career. He emphasizes the enormous impact it will have, opening doors to showcase his skills and culinary knowledge. This platform will not only expand his network but also introduce him to clients and culinary experts, potentially paving the way for countless future opportunities.
As the Singleton Chef Versus event at Salama Springs approaches, Chef Mugabe Moses stands at the face of culinary greatness, ready to infuse his creations with the magic of Singleton malt whisky. His journey, shaped by early experiences in the kitchen and a relentless pursuit of excellence, serves as an inspiring testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the love of good food.



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