Chameleon pleads guilty, regrets kissing brother on stage


Musician Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleon has apologised to his friends and fans for kissing his brother Douglas Mayanja aka weasel. In a video making rounds on social media, Chameleon appreciates the love he received on his recently concluded concert and also claims that kissing weasel at the concert was sheer excitement.

“I wish to use this opportunity to also apologise to my fans, friends for the deed me and weasel shared on stage, I know most of my friends are really offended and didn’t carry it lightly. I sincerely apologise, it was just too much energy, excitement, I actually regret it, the energy was so high and it was just a wrong way to share it with weasel, my brother and I also apologize on behalf of him” he said

Three photos of Jose Chameleone kissing his brother Weasel on different occasions have been shared widely and have left many fans disgusted and wondering what the Mayanja brothers are trying to communicate.

His apology comes after City pastor Martin Ssempa reported the three Mayanja brothers at the CID offices for public immorality.



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