Bruno K’s  Ex-Sugar Mummy Welcomes Newborn.


Bruno K’s  Ex-Sugar Mummy Welcomes Newborn 

In a surprising turn of events, Mariam Ssembatya, also known as Dorah and the former lover of singer Bruno Kiggundu (Bruno K), has given birth to a healthy baby.

The controversy surrounding the couple had reached its peak in September 2023 when Dorah went public, exposing Bruno K’s alleged dirty secrets, including his request for her to undergo an abortion during their tumultuous relationship.

Despite the public fallout and the intense scrutiny they faced, Dorah chose to keep the pregnancy and has now successfully delivered the baby, named Beiri Kigguddu, according to recent reports.

Both mother and baby are reported to be in good health, marking a positive turn of events since their tumultuous relationship became the talk of the town.

The birth of Dorah’s baby adds another chapter to the ongoing drama between her and Bruno K, making him a father of four children, each from a different mother.

During the height of their controversy, the estranged couple even composed diss tracks aimed at each other, providing entertainment for those following the dramatic saga.


Congratulations to Bruno K and Dorah as they embrace this new chapter in their lives!



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