Bobi Wine Should Build Hospitals From The Money He Gets As A Leader Of Opposition -Gravity Omutujju.


Ugandan rapper, Gereson Wabuyi alias Gravity Omutujju has reignited his beef with fellow Musician and Politician Bobi Wine.
While appearing in an interview with Spark TV, Gravity Omutujju took a subtle jab at Bobi wine as he challenged him to align his words with actions, telling him to embody the principles he often preaches.
Gravity Omutujju’s revelation comes after Bobi Wine’s recent remarks that Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) members pocketed 13 billion from the government, the money that would have been used to construct hospitals to benefit communities.
During the interview, During a public event, Gravity didn’t hold back responding to Bobi Wine telling him that if he truly cares about the people of Uganda and he is a true leader, he should forefront and build hospitals from the money he receives as a leader of the opposition.

Stressing that Bobi Wine has even failed to create a single healthcare infrastructure for the people of Kyadondo despite positioning himself as a leader.
“Who is Bobi Wine? I don’t know him or anything concerning his life. I don’t know about hospitals, but I think Mulago and Kisumu are enough. It is okay to live without hospitals that will stop us from getting sick; if Bobi Wine needs more, let him build them himself,” Gravity partly said in the interview.
He went on to say that there is no need for the government to put more hospitals in the country since the existing hospitals in the country are enough.
That building more hospitals would only result in more people becoming sick which is not the motive.
He further urged that the government should instead extend financial support to Musicians, enhancing their better life and driving luxurious rides.



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