Bobi Wine Celebrates 12 Years Of Sobriety.


Ugandan singer turned politician, Bobi Wine, recently made headlines by proudly declaring his twelve-year milestone of remaining alcohol-free. His revelation came as a response to a post on X from renowned comedian Patrick Salvado Idringi, who shared his own struggles with giving up alcohol.

In a post, Salvado expressed admiration for those who abstain from alcohol in social settings, acknowledging the difficulty of such a choice. However, Bobi Wine’s response caught many by surprise.

“It’s year 12 for me. Talk to me nicely, I have the notes. It’s achievable,” declared Bobi Wine, emphasizing the significance of his accomplishment in maintaining sobriety for over a decade.


This revelation sheds light on the challenges faced by celebrities worldwide in overcoming alcohol addiction. Bobi Wine’s journey serves as both inspiration and encouragement for those grappling with similar struggles, showcasing his commitment to a healthy lifestyle amid his pursuits in both music and politics.



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