BIZONTO: Our Controversial Skit Was Not Aimed At Nobert Mao


Popular city comedy group Bizonto have come out to deny that their recent controversial comedy skit was aimed at DP president Nobert Mao. In the said skit, the group refers to Mao as the Mau Mau rebellion and Muzeyi Kakoti. These go ahead to wonder why he’s destabilizing the Opposition.

Nobert Mao Denounces Violence, Calls for Peaceful Transition of Power -  TowerPostNews

Further in the skit, they say that he’s a well-known paid state agent. They further warn him to stay off Bobi Wine in his attacks and promise to give him a lifetime beating if he insults them back. This skit attracted the attention of Mao who right away ran to Police and filed a complaint. Mao said that the group was threatening him with death.

When they interviewed them, one of the group members, Sabazonto denied that their skit was aimed at Mao. He further said that the skit is targeting a certain man in Congo named Kakoti. Besides, the comedian sarcastically said that he belongs to the NRM party and what they are trying to do is recruit Mao to the Yellow Bus. The comedian said he has much respect for Mao and would never insult him. About the complaint filed by Mao, he said that he has no knowledge about it.

Bizonto Comedy 2022 bisesa nyo - YouTube

I have much respect for Nobert Mao and we have never talked about him in our skits. We only complimented how brilliant and intelligent he is. The real person we talked about is called Kakoti from Congo. I’m an NRM supporter and most Opposition figures think that we are always attacking them but rather what we do is try to recruit them,” Sabazonto said.

Watch the controversial video here


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