Beenie Gunter Released on Bail After Six Days in Abu Dhabi Prison, Faces Travel Restrictions


Ugandan dancehall sensation, Crescent Baguma, popularly known as Beenie Gunter, was granted bail on Friday after spending six days in a prison in Abu Dhabi. However, despite the release on bond, the singer is hindered from returning to Uganda due to a travel ban imposed following his arrest.

Beenie Gunter’s arrest occurred on January 21, 2023, at a Dubai airport as he prepared to board a flight with his baby mama, Nickie Berry. The “Tubayo” singer was subsequently transferred to Abu Dhabi and detained over allegations of violent conduct and property vandalism, stemming from his involvement in a scuffle between two Ugandan promoters in the UAE during a performance in Abu Dhabi a few weeks earlier.

Attempting to intervene in the altercation, Beenie Gunter found himself at the center of the conflict and was apprehended by law enforcement in Abu Dhabi. The singer’s legal representatives are set to present his case before a judge on February 18, 2024.

Despite the bail, a travel ban remains in place, preventing Beenie Gunter from returning to Uganda until legal matters are resolved. His team is actively seeking a pardon through a submitted letter to allow the artist to reunite with his family.

The news of Beenie Gunter’s arrest has prompted support from fellow celebrities in Uganda, who have joined forces in advocating for his release. The Guntalk Empire CEO’s return home is eagerly anticipated by fans and well-wishers who hope for a swift resolution to the legal proceedings.



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