Audio: Warafiki add another one titled Tetubafanana


The singing trio of Warafiki, a girls singing group emerged on the music scenes last year and they were unveiled as artistes signed to Fenon Records and managed by Night Sky Talent Management.

Warafiki ignited their music career with Bwekati, a song that has been trending since then. With their clean sound and great vocals, the girls are proving to be a force to reckon with in the Ugandan music Industry.

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At exactly midnight of March 16th, Fenon Records released the artiste’s new song titled Tetubafanana, a song written by Dokta Brain and produced by Meshpan, Joel Keys and Steve Jean at Fenon Records.

Since its release on the artiste’s YouTube channel, the song has been trending and already playing on different Radio airwaves, this is something to prove it is already a darling to many even without it’s visuals.


Warafiki’s three members include Victoria Mbabazi) also known as Tori, Eyla who real names are Damalie Nalugwa and Patricia Debra Nakalembe AKA Treezy.

According to the singers, the word Warafiki is a Swahili word that means friends and indeed, the group wasn’t handpicked but for a long time, they have been friends trying to work out their thing in the music Industry and thanks to Fenon that spotted and signed them and who knows, they could be Ugandans only and biggest trio in music.

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