Andrew Mwenda Celebrates Marriage Anniversary To Little Known “Wife”


How many people can actually testify to have ever seen senior journalist Andrew Mwenda ‘s wife? Or how many in fact can say that they know her maybe from pictures on social media?

There’s just a handful of people. Yet the Independent Magazine CEO is celebrating another marriage anniversary with his wife referred to as Fifi. Mwenda’s intimate life is one that has been up for public debate for so long. With a status such as his, one would expect him to have a very well known and decorated family in the public eye. However, this is not the case as hardly anything is known about him, his beau and probably children.

Mwenda has had rumors speculating that he might be gay. He in fact a few years ago confirmed the speculation. This was an allegation thrown at him by opposition political party FDC. The Najjanankumbi party made this claim after his scrutiny of the party. Mwenda found this as a blackmail charge and consented to the label.

“Finally I have the attention of my FDC friends and allies after calling them mentally retarded. They have accused me of being gay. I accept this honor. Not only that, to avoid all future exposes, let me also come clean and say all the evil about me: I am bisexual, transsexual, a defiler, a rapist, a serial murder and a cannibal. Yes, I test human flesh on occasion and it is salty I must say,” He’s quoted to have said then.


However, the self styled old man of the clan is proudly married to such a gorgeous woman. Although it’s not officially known when the two started living together, its been years apparently. Their marriage is however neither a traditional, civil or church one. It is probably cohabitation. Those who saw claim that Fifi is simply gorgeous that a mere look at her quashes the gay rumors against Mwenda. They also say she’s a cousin to the First Lady Janet Kataha Museveni.

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Mwenda pecking his wife Fifi

This could partly explain Mwenda’s close ties with the first family. Despite his past Criticism of the regime, Mwenda of late seems to lie in the same bed with the government. Besides, he seems to be a close friend of the First son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba. It seems that the journalist was ‘Samson-ed’ with a ‘Delilah’ to shut him up. And a look at Fifi justifies why Mwenda might have lost his biggest weapon that made him, critical thinking and analysis.



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