#MCM: DADDY ANDRE – Shifting from his Comfort Zone to claim his position in the Music Industry!


Not many artists can make good producers and not many producers can make good songwriters and vice versa but Daddy Andre has proved to be a maestro at it all. For the fifth year now, his name has appeared on most top charts for the songs he produced, featured and wrote.

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While in studio, Daddy Andre is Known as Andre on the Beat

Because he’s good at all the 3 masters and loves to do stuff at his own pace and comfort, Daddy Andre, is loved differently within his three shades in the music industry as an Artist, a Producer and Songwriter. A section of music lovers loves him as a producer that produces great music that receives a big share of airplay, the other love him as a songwriter who pens down great lyrics firstly for himself but also for various other artists.

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Although Andre, real names Andrew Ojambo is loved and appreciated for his song-writing and music production skills, we can authoritatively confirm that he is most loved for his music and most times, people relate and associate more with Daddy Andre the singer or artist than the rest of his other crafts. Over the years, he has expanded his music catalogue with hit songs like Andeleya, Omwana wa Bandi, Tonerabira, Baby Papa, Now, Follow, Sikikukweeka, You & Me, Trumpet, More & More amongst many others. He sings in more than three languages and specializes in Afro Beat, Dancehall, RnB, some Hip-hop and Afro Pop.

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Daddy Andre on Stage

Although the public domain desires more of Andre the singer, he personally saw himself more as a producer and gave more time to production than music. This was evident with his minimal appearances at events mostly musical concerts and show even when he had big hits topping the charts. Why that was like that is a story for another day but today we throw more light at Andre beating all odds to claim his position as a performing artist today. Of late, he is seen performing more at events allover the country and he’s doing soo well.

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Levixone performing with Andree at A Night With Chike

In the past month where we saw the entire economy re-opened with the entertainment industry back to its old normal, Andre on the Beat as he’s also known has performed at a number of events and pulled it off. Among the many performances he has made since that stood out include the Buddo league championships in Lugogo, Comedy store at Levels Lounge and the latest highlight being at Malembe’s A Night With Chike concert at Serena Hotel last week. While at the concert, he cheered the crowds with his electrifying performance something that prompted fellow singer Levixone who was not meant to perform on the show to jump on stage and share a moment with the audience within Andre’s shine.

Daddy Andre’s performance at Chike’s concert at the Kampala Serena

At this rate, its no doubt that Andree took on the mantle and fully turned himself into a commercial artist. True to that, we also learnt that on op of his digital rights management Black Market Records, Andree got into an understanding with Twinkle Star Agency which is currently handling his bookings, something that explains his latest performances of late. The agency posted about the development on their social platforms.

Its one thing to be talented and another thing to earn from that talent, according to research, the artiste’s close music business associates are responsible for shaping a their career. They help book gigs, plan album projects, orchestrate record releases and tours, create marketing and merchandising strategies and establish and pursue long-term career goals, among others. With Daddy Andre’s current move and focus with Twinkle and Black Market paired together with his musical talent, production and song writing skills, he is not only going to make great music but also earn soo much from it. All the way to go Andre, we celebrate you! You are our Man Crush Monday outstanding Personality. Congratulations.



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