AM IN LOVE! Liam Voice Confirms Dating A Sugar Mummy


Celebrated singer and vocalist, Willy Zisabusolo, popularly known as Liam Voice, has recently made a triumphant return to his homeland, Uganda, after an enriching three-month sojourn in the United Kingdom. During his time in the UK, Liam Voice dedicated himself to furthering his expertise in music production and diligently pursued various courses related to the ever-evolving music industry. Armed with newfound knowledge and skills, he now stands ready to make significant strides in his musical journey.

In a candid television interview on Monday, July 31, 2023, Liam Voice shared his excitement about the invaluable experience he gained during his stay abroad. He expressed, “I have been studying extensively, honing my craft in music production and diving deep into other aspects of the music business. It has been a transformative period, and I am thrilled to bring this knowledge back to Uganda.”

However, the talented artist’s return is only temporary, as he intends to continue his educational pursuits in the UK.

“While I’m back home for a short holiday to spend time with my loved ones and fans, I plan to head back to the UK to continue my studies and explore even greater possibilities in the music world,” he added confidently.

In addition to his music endeavors, the ‘Bus‘ hitmaker made headlines with revelations about his personal life as he confirmed rumors that he has embarked on a relationship with an older woman, which raised a few eyebrows among his fans and the media alike. Offering insight into his decision, he elaborated, “I made the choice to date an older woman because I found myself weary of the complexities that came with dating Ugandan girls. It’s not that they are any less wonderful, but the relationships would often involve excessive demands and stress, which I felt hindered my growth as an artist and an individual.”

Liam Voice’s candidness in addressing his personal choices has sparked conversations, and some of his fans are keen to learn more about how this new chapter in his life will influence his music and creative expression. Nevertheless, it is evident that the artist is resolute in his commitment to pursuing his dreams and striving for success in the music industry.



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