“You are Dogs” – Zari hits back at Netizens trolling her over flopped pool party


Continental socialite and Ugandan Zari Hassan alias Mama 5 went back to her hustle down in South Africa following a weekend in Kampala that saw her peeping from her hotel room for several hours just to see if guests had turned up for the ‘Freedom Pool Party’ at Pearl of Africa Hotel where she was paid to appear and influence other party goers to come through.

Zari Hassan flaunts her sexy curves in tiny Blue Bikini (Photos) |  Pulselive Kenya

According to pictures and videos making round on social media and mainstream media, revelers shunned her pool party, leaving the organisers counting losses. This prompted netizens to troll Zari Hassan but on Tuesday, she ruthlessly hit at them back taking no prisoner whatsoever. One of the many reasons why this event flopped was the fact that most revelers knew nothing about this pool party until when Zari herself talked about it on Friday. To make matters worse, on the same day of the pool party, Swangz Avenue had its quarterly event of the meat party dubbed ‘Roast and Rime’ at Jahazi Pier – Munyonyo.

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The crowds at Roast and Rhyme on Sunday

It is also reported that later at  night after the pool party flopped, Zari was seen at Chop Life – garden City partying with the likes of Ed Cheune who was celebrating his birthday. On her return to South Africa where she is currently based with her family, Zari blasted the trolls and reminded them that events flop all the time. She then put the blame on the organizers arguing that they never did enough to promote the show.

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“Buli mbwa keyasamile nze events flop buli jjo. There is nothing new. Nasasudwa, the planners didn’t do their job. Eyakusinze asigala akusinze, abamu you brushed with salt this morning. Nekyokulya tomanyi wekinava. Naye mwasama bwasami. BTW, i’m really trending–buli wamu ZARI ZARI ZARI”, She posted on her socials.



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