Big Eye Announces Own Music Festival


It seems the idea of a music festival is becoming the new norm of concerts in the country as everyone is looking forward to holding one. The latest is Big Music CEO Big Eye Star Boss who announced his own festival this year. The singer took to his social media pages to announce the festival will charge 10,000 shillings entrance. He’s however yet to reveal the dates and venues for his ‘BigEyeFestival.’

It must take great courage and bravery for someone like Big Eye to make such a bold move because he has not been musically popular among the public for sometime now. The Sula indicator singer’s political opinions have seen him clash with majority of social media users and masses in the public and its from these that he must get fans for his show.

Listen to Big Eye’s latest single SAY YES

Big Eye who also doubles as the Treasurer for the Uganda Musician’s Association is however hopeful that his true fans and those who love him will grace his music festival. He’s therefore not scared if it flops and won’t postpone or scrap it off. All the best to the self proclaimed Star Boss Big Eye!



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