Zari on why Shakib’s relationship is exceptional


Socialite Zari Hassan has continued to prove that lover Shakib Lutaaya aka Shakib Cham is the fairest lover of them all.

In a recent interview with a local TV, the mother of five explained why Shakib, whom she addresses as ‘Mwami’ Lutaaya is a must keep.

It is very difficult to find someone who understands you. ‘Mwami’ Lutaaya understands me well like in everything. I may be seated here and he realizes my next step before I even mention it,” she said

She also revealed that he makes her feel completely at peace.

“He gives me peace. He is someone who gives you peace and you forget it all,” she revealed

In the interview, she also explains that sometimes, she leaves South Africa for Uganda with a problematic mind but when she sits with him, everything falls into place.



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