ZARI ALL WHITE PARTY 2023: A Night of Elegance, Luxury & Star-Studded Revelry


The enchanting allure of the Zari All White Party once again graced Uganda’s social scene as the annual extravaganza unfolded at Noni Vie Bar and Restaurant in Lugogo on Saturday night. Organized by the renowned Talent Africa Group and the iconic Zari the Boss Lady, the event, sponsored by the exquisite Luc Belaire, proved to be a resounding success, drawing over 1000 revelers, each adorned in their finest all-white ensembles.

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The festivities kicked off earlier than usual, with gates swinging open at 6:00 PM, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. Despite a brief drizzle that showered the venue, the mood remained undampened, and as the skies cleared, attendees reveled in the unique beauty of an event one guest described as, “…like heaven has joined in on celebrating life with us tonight.”

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Inside the luxurious venue draped in dazzling white decor, guests were met with an overwhelming sense of security thanks to the diligent deployment of both Ugandan police and private security personnel. Zari the Boss Lady, accompanied by her special guests Tanasha Donna and husband Shakib, arrived in a convoy of luxurious vehicles shortly after midnight, igniting a frenzy among fans and well-wishers.

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Tanasha Donna, the Kenyan music sensation and actress, radiated positivity as she stood alongside Zari, posing for photographs on the red carpet. The night unfolded with exclusive appearances from industry legends such as Jose Chameleone, Konshens, Ann Kansiime, Zex Bilangi Langi, and many others, creating an atmosphere of glitz and glamour.

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Belaire, the official event sponsor, played a pivotal role in elevating the evening’s ambiance, ensuring that every raised glass exuded elegance and sophistication. The venue sparkled with collective toasts to the finer things in life.

As promised by Talent Africa Group, the entertainment lineup was nothing short of perfection. Over 15 acts, including Karole Kasita, Slick Stuart, Fem Dj, Dj Lito, DJ Nelly Sting, and Pallaso, took guests on a musical journey transcending genres. Kats, the official MC of the night, charmed the audience with wit and charisma.

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Luxury was not spared as every table was adorned with a bottle of Belaire, courtesy of Belaire and Talent Africa Group. Tickets and tables were in high demand, with the event being sold out by 2:00 AM. Revelers fortunate enough to secure access enjoyed the festivities until the early hours of Sunday morning.

The Zari All White Party 2023, made possible by Talent Africa Group, Luc Belaire, Double Barrel Beverages, NBS TV, Sheraton Hotel, and Noni Vie Bar and Restaurant, has once again etched its place as the pinnacle of Uganda’s social calendar, leaving attendees with memories of a night where elegance and entertainment converged in spectacular fashion.



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