ZAHARA TOTO: Sugar Mummies should leave Greenade if they cant afford him!


Sanyuka TV’s Uncut show co-host Zahara Toto has come out to advise all the mature women out there who have dated or have plans to date Greenade Official to always let him go if they can no longer afford him.

This followed accusations by an ex sugar mommy of his that the singer practices witchcraft. She even had the singer prosecuted and spent a night behind bars at Kajjansi Police Station. Grenade was accused of criminal trespass and threatening her with violence. While appearing on TV, this sugar mommy said that she has been funding his lifestyle. However what shocked her is his witchcraft tendencies.

Credit: MBU & Spark TV

She revealed that the singer brought some weird items including a bark cloth, snake eggs and a local smoking pipe. She was further told by her maid that the singer was doing weird stuff inside the house. And being a Moslem, she couldn’t tolerate such because she’s even never been to a shrine. This resulted into her throwing the singer’s belongings out of her house in Kitende. Zahara however believes that this sugar mommy is simply craving for media attention. She added that since these women want the singer for their known reasons, they should let him go when they can nolonger afford him.

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Greenade Official

The TV presenter further added that for witchcraft, musicians do such practices. This should not therefore be a surprise.

“Please all of you sugar mommies out there, you know the reasons why you clearly love Grenade. And if you reach to a point where you can no longer afford him, leave him alone and let those who can afford him have him. We are so just tired of your noise like it’s us who sent you there. Coming here to shout that he practices witchcraft won’t save you because that’s not news. We all know that musicians do such practices,” she said.

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Zahara Totto

The Nkuloga singer indeed seems so keen in real life about what he sang in this particular song. It actually seems Grenade’s fantasies are in mature women. He’s been severally linked with these. At one time he even allegedly got a gun pointed at him as it was said that he used to sleep with tycoon SK Mbuga’s wife. The singer has been linked to the likes of Zari Hassan, Sheilah Gashumba, Lydia Jazmine and other sugar mommies.



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